Company trainings & workshops

Your wishes and needs are our top priority. To ensure this, we first conduct a needs analysis with you. Then we also collect the wishes and expectations of the participants. This enables us to empathize very well with your everyday life, prepare ourselves and conduct practice-oriented company training.

What are the advantages of corporate training?

Competent employees drive the progress of every company. The communication skills of everyone are among the most important pillars of the company’s success. Skilful communication and the skilful use of non-verbal language are often decisive for team motivation and customer satisfaction.

Offer your employees attractive further training to take not only your team but also your company to the next level.

The workshops take place either directly at your company, in a further education institute or in premises in Erlenbach/ZH. We also offer the possibility to lead our courses online, independent of time, time zone and place.

What are the goals of a company training?

Regardless of the training objective, well thought-out workshops for your team not only contribute to improving performance and maintaining it, but also help to eliminate internal deficits. Challenges and opportunities in the workplace are addressed.

Among other things, the aim is to sustainably develop the management and social skills of employees and managers and to awaken untapped performance potential.

In short: A company training helps to fulfill the tasks on the job more optimally.

The goals of communication training at a glance:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Strengthen team spirit and cohesion
  • Train conversation, body language and performance skills
  • Invigorate team motivation
  • Effective conflict management and solution finding
  • Learning to formulate realistic goals
  • Overcoming blockades
  • Recognizing strengths and exploiting potential

Leadership & team development

In our practice-oriented leadership seminars, we develop and support managers to better fulfil their leadership role. We discuss and analyse real-life situations and present instruments, methods and strategies for implementation in everyday life. We practice these in our trainings in...


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Self-Management & Personality Development

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Customer orientation / sales & negotiation training

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Conflict & Change Management

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DISC® Personality Profile for Companies

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Resilience for companies

We support you in maintaining the health of your employees. With our workshops we help to improve the resilience of your staff, reduce stress, and counteract or avoid burnout. What does resilience mean for companies? Resilience in the working world...

Events, Management Conferences & Keynote Speeches

Would you like to hold a management conference for larger groups with several parallel topics or simply give a keynote speech on one of our topics? We take care of the entire organisation from the choice of a suitable location...