Customer orientation / sales & negotiation training

You want your employees to satisfy customers or even inspire them with excellent service quality? You want them to evoke the familiar “wow” effect that we experience with proven service providers and make us loyal and faithful customers? But how do you achieve this “wow” effect? What is necessary to turn customers into long-term regular customers?

Score with customer satisfaction & service quality

Customer relationships and, above all, their long-term customer satisfaction determine the success or failure of any company. Not surprisingly, the entrepreneurial focus today is no longer solely on the product or service offerings, but rather on customer orientation.

We work with you to develop concrete implementation approaches to help you go the extra mile for your customers and ensure the long-term success of your company.

Telephone training – What does professional telephone communication with customers mean?

Telephone customer contact is a special requirement in professional conversation management. In the seminar for professional telephone training, you or your employees will gain rhetorical confidence and resilience.

However, professional telephoning does not only mean customer-oriented communication, but also active listening, conscious use of voice and a confidence-building questioning technique. That is why our telephone training is not only aimed at employees with constant telephone customer contact, but also at managers.

In telephone training you will learn active formulation techniques, conversational styles, and the different phases of a conversation. However, based on a requirement analysis carried out in advance, the content focus will be adapted to your team.

Customer orientation workshop 1: Complaint management – thank you for complaints

Complaints are opportunities, thank you for that. They are often perceived as annoying and unpleasant, but they give us the chance to get better!


Customer orientation workshop 2: Go the extra mile – with “wow” effects you will exceed customer expectations that will are memorized

Today it is more and more important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Products and services are more and more similar, people can create a special competitive advantage, especially in industries that are easily interchangeable – this way they remain “special” in the memories of their clients.


Customer orientation workshop 3: Perfect customer service on the phone

A smile is the shortest distance between two people and first impressions count! Telephone conversations that will be remembered. You make an impression within seconds with your choice of words, voice, and friendliness.