Resilience for companies

We support you in maintaining the health of your employees. With our workshops we help to improve the resilience of your staff, reduce stress, and counteract or avoid burnout.

What does resilience mean for companies?

Resilience in the working world originally meant the ability to overcome difficult situations and crises without impairment. Today, however, there is much more behind this term.

Stress, burnout, and mental illness are increasingly becoming reasons for absenteeism at work. With sophisticated mindfulness training, companies are taking preventive measures to strengthen the mental health of their employees.

Healthy and happy employees usually enjoy coming to work and thus automatically work much more efficiently. A positive work-life balance is a top priority today. Companies that do not address their employees in this regard often lose out in the long run. Resilient employees show strength and stability in turbulent times.

Stress management & mindfulness training for companies

How can you promote resilience in your company? Mindfulness training helps people to cope better with the stress of everyday work. The active recognition process of mental well-being is promoted.

Mindfulness supports deceleration and a lasting improvement in the quality of life and work.

In our stress management seminar, we work together to develop practical implementation tips to achieve a balanced energy level and to better meet external challenges.

Seminar 1: Stress management – the art of living in a relaxed manner

A well-balanced energy is the key to a healthy, creative, and happy life. Today we are heading for a permanent lack of energy: stress, negative thoughts, interpersonal conflicts and other “energy thieves” that attack health and reduce our vitality.


Seminar 2: Success factor mindfulness

The world is upside down. This makes it more important to remain calm in these turbulent times. Mindfulness helps us to better face the external challenges, to rest in ourselves and to find creative solutions.