DISC® Personality Profile for Companies

The Everything DISC® profile is used a million times as a performance tool for companies. Thanks to the informative DISC® Profile, companies can increase their productivity in the long term.

The aim is to build relationships with other people more successfully and optimize cooperation. In order to achieve this, it is important to get to know the leadership and communication behaviour of both parties better. In addition, the DISC® Profile can contribute to your own personal development.

What is DISC®?

The DISC® model helps to clarify character-typical behaviour, to understand it better and finally to adapt to it communicatively. The acronym DISC® stands for the four personality types:

  • Dominant
  • Initiative
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

According to the DISC® model, three of these basic character traits (preferences) always predominate in a person, from which numerous mixed types can be derived. This makes it easier to strive for personality development.

How can companies benefit from the DISC® Personality Profile?

The DISC® model is used to assess one’s own personality and to understand others better. The benefit for companies is therefore a more effective cooperation with customers, employees, and business partners.

If you know the personality profile of your counterpart, you can adapt to it and conduct conversations more purposefully. This strengthens interpersonal relationships and optimizes your customer orientation.

Performance potential of employees and managers can be better identified. The team and task distribution can thus be more efficient. Conflict potentials are reduced, and employee satisfaction increases sustainably.

New colleagues can also be optimally integrated into existing teams based on their DISC® personality profile.

DISC Profiling

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