Conflict & Change Management

If two have the same opinion, one is superfluous. Winston Churchill was right when he said that different opinions and perspectives will help us move forward as long as we approach it constructively and productively.

How does this work? Let us discuss your needs and requirements and train your team.

Conflict management & mediation in the workplace

In an everyday environment full of different individuals, challenging situations can arise. In the conflict management seminar, we use practical exercises and analyses to convey suitable strategies for conflict resolution.

First however, it is important to understand the complexity of interpersonal conflicts in the workplace. Learn to recognize and identify triggers, conflict types and individual needs in conflict situations at an early stage. We will train you to conduct conflict discussions so that you can act as a competent mediator in an emergency.

Change Management – Positive approach to change processes

Inner conflicts also play a role in everyday working life. Especially when people are confronted with changes. Train in our Change Management Workshop to successfully design change concepts.

Get to know the phases of the change process with us, so that you can act confidently and future-proof even in uncertain times and can concentrate on a solution-oriented future in the long term.

Workshop 1: Constructive conflict management and finding workable solutions (2 days)

You will deal intensively with how you can better recognise, assess, and resolve conflicts. The focus here is on practical experience. This means that you will be able to discuss and implement theoretical approaches based on concrete conflict situations.


Workshop 2: Dealing positively with change – in challenging times

Do you find it difficult to accept changes in your everyday life or at your workplace? Do developments in your life that you have not chosen yourself make you feel insecure? Nothing is as constant as change.