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Workshop 2: Dealing positively with change – in challenging times

Do you find it difficult to accept changes in your everyday life or at your workplace? Do developments in your life that you have not chosen yourself make you feel insecure? Nothing is as constant as change.

Each of us is confronted with change – often involuntarily. We are not always prepared for them, be it at work or in our private lives. How do we deal with the constant change and how do we react to it?

Those who do not want to change anything will also lose what they want to preserve.

Gustav Heinemann

Possible contents

  • Orientation towards the future instead of the past (positive inner attitude & attitude and focus on solutions)
  • Foreign and self-determined changes – what do they achieve?
  • What triggers change? Which ones are currently relevant for you?
  • What phases do we go through when we undergo change?
  • The most common barriers and how we can deal with them
  • Which emotions trigger change, and why is it helpful to to understand?
  • How can we recognise in which phase we ourselves are in and how do we accompany our employees into renewal and performance?
  • Reflect a real change process
  • How does my attitude towards change alter?


  • You act more professionally and calmly in uncertain times
  • You recognise possible reactions and consequences at an early stage and can take appropriate action
  • They contribute to the successful implementation and integration of the new

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