Resilience for companies

Seminar 2: Success factor mindfulness

The world is upside down. This makes it more important to remain calm in these turbulent times. Mindfulness helps us to better face the external challenges, to rest in ourselves and to find creative solutions.

You will experience how mindfulness enables you to arrive more and more in the present moment, to strengthen your composure in dealing with stressful situations and to meet everyday and/or extraordinary challenges with inner peace. They receive practical suggestions for stress reduction which can be immediately implemented in their everyday life.

Those who stop learning are dead.


Possible contents

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Getting off the thought carousel (thoughts create reality)
  • Taking different perspectives
  • Regulate your own emotions and become more relaxed
  • Dealing with difficult feelings
  • Experience mindfulness – practical exercises that can be immediately implemented in everyday life

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