Communication training 1: Optimise your communication in everyday working life

Often, we understand each other without words and again not at all. We talk to each other, misunderstand each other, or interpret each other. Communication is extraordinarily complex and then things will certainly go better.

You will be introduced to the most common models of communication. You will recognise and reflect on your communication style and find out what you can improve in everyday life.

Possible contents

  • Prerequisites for a well-functioning communication
  • We always communicate! The importance of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Communication process and possible misunderstandings
  • Dealing with different personality and conversation types
  • Conversation and questioning technique
  • Solution-oriented formulations
  • Putting difficult messages and criticism objectively
  • Giving and receiving correct feedback


  • You know the different levels of communication
  • You learn what should be right for communication to work optimally
  • You have reflected on your communication and know where you can optimise

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