Communication training 2: Communicate more successfully and in a way that is appropriate to your type – thanks to the DISC® personality model

No matter what your profession, communication is central and therefore we should not leave it to coincidence. People are different and have different preferences when it comes to communication and personal interaction.

If you get to know your personality profile and your communication style with the corresponding preferences and stress factors, you will also learn what other people’s preferences are. We then understand better why conflicts or disagreements arise in the first place.

Possible contents

  • Basics of behaviour
  • The personal profile with its strengths and dark sides
  • Better understand your own behaviour and communication style
  • Develop communication and motivation strategies in dealing with the four basic strengths
  • Understanding the conflict behaviour of different characters
  • Create personal action plans
  • Optional: Discuss comparison reports


  • You know your preferences and stressors in communication
  • More effective communication with your contact persons
  • Build better relationships & maintain them in the long term

The secret of success is to understand the point of view of the other.

Henry Ford

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