Communication training 3: The effect of positive language in spoken & written

We are active every day in our dealings with fellow human beings, whether they are customers, employees, superiors – or in the private sphere, family members, friends, and acquaintances. In personal conversations, on the phone and in e-mails and letters, we often formulate our messages negatively instead of positively.

We highlight the effect of positive and winning language. We sharpen our eye for unpleasant, inappropriate words, terms, and statements, and use concrete examples to train how our messages are better received.

Possible contents

  • Our impact in interaction (service model)
  • Raising awareness of positive language
  • Positive attitude and attitude as a prerequisite (change of perspective)
  • What does it take to have a positive effect?
  • We practice how to turn negative statements into positive ones
  • What types of behaviour should we avoid
  • How to deliver difficult messages in a solution-oriented way
  • Practice with own formulations and texts
  • Do’s & Don’ts


  • You optimise your impact in oral and written communication
  • They have a positive and solution-oriented effect
  • You optimise your wording & texts and can use them immediately after the training
  • You have better relations

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