Communication training 4: Stay calm & confident and assert yourself

Appearing self-confident and appearing relaxed – that’s what we all want. Practical strategies will help you to assert yourself and to cope better with your professional and private life. The benefit is simply – quality of life!

Using hands-on examples, we will discuss how you can remain calm first. You will then be given tools and strategies for how to assert yourself calmly & winningly to achieve your goals.

Possible contents

  • The self-confident body language (courage posture)
  • Reflection of your “motivational drivers”
  • How can I  control my emotions and remain calm and professional
  • Conducting discussions in conflicts
  • Criticise others without hurting them
  • Dealing with criticism in a self-confident manner
  • Setting limits in a calm and solution oriented way


  • You get feedback on your impact on others
  • You get an assessment of what drives you and where you can start with solutions
  • You train in various exercises to assert yourself confidently and professionally
  • You understand better what happens to you and others in situations of anger and rage

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