Communication training 5: Setting clear boundaries in a positive way – but how? The art of politely saying “no”

If you know what you are saying yes to in your life, then you need a good no on the flip side. Setting limits – that is not an easy thing to do. Have you ever told a white lie instead of just saying no? Can you refuse a request without feeling guilty? And do you also sometimes say yes too quickly and then get angry about it afterwards?

There is only stress when you say “yes” and mean “no”.

Possible contents

  • How you differentiate yourself naturally
  • Time for reflection, to avoid a hasty, too brusque “no”.
  • Dealing with fear in my “home cinema
  • The cooperative no: This way you can refuse something and still be helpful
  • What to do if your “no” is not accepted? How to defend yourself against the most common manipulation attempts
  • Which “push buttons” are activated and what is my personal black ice
  • Say “no” appreciatively so that your counterpart can digest your no better.
  •  Changing your mind or how you can reverse a hasty “yes”
  • Practical application


  • I will become a pilot of my goals and my life again
  • I know how to approach and get time to think
  • I take myself and my needs seriously

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