Communication training 6: Judo with words: reacting fairly and confidently (Quick-wittedness training)

When was the last time you were speechless because someone attacked you personally? This happens to most of us: Often we only remember much later how we should have reacted to stupid sayings, personal attacks and provocations.

You train to defend yourself intelligently, professionally and confidently against stupid sayings. We present some strategies to you. Find out which ones suit you, how your messages work and gain self-confidence.

Possible contents

  • You get to know the communication model by means of your own practical examples
  • Not fighting and still winning: Immediately find a good answer to personal attacks
  • Re-interpret the attack (Judo with words)
  • Let the attacker run into the void
  • Quick-wittedly counter and remain professional
  • Stop insults and remain objective
  • You are challenged and provoked as in everyday life and train these situations


  • You will learn 10 – 12 strategies and methods to assert yourself with glibness
  • You will feel which methods suit you best by means of role plays
  • You will receive feedback on specific formulations and the impact of your answers
  • You know various tools that you can use in everyday life

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