Communication training 7: Relaxed & professional response to complaints

Many people prefer to deal with old problems rather than new solutions. They write in detail and with commitment about what went wrong, who did what when and who is probably to blame. A solution to the problem is not in sight, or it is lost in the helpless process of coming to terms with the past.

You train how to score points with complaints. You will review your attitude towards customers and learn how to deal with disappointment and dissatisfaction in a relaxed manner. You focus on the future, look for appropriate solutions and find words that help to restore good customer relations.

Possible contents

  • A complaint is an opportunity you should not miss
  • Attention, trap: shift responsibility, deny errors, exaggerate or play down
  • What does a customer want from me if he complains to me?
  • What can I offer someone who is dissatisfied?
  • Non-violent communication: What words support reconciliation?
  • So far and no further: How do I deal with difficult customers who cross borders?


You have won if a customer is more satisfied than before because you handled his reaction better than he expected. A positive surprise lasts longer than all the good experiences your customers have had with you over the years.

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