Communication training 8: Deciphering the secret of body language – More charisma thanks to body language

We talk to the body more than we think. Most people overestimate the linguistic part of mutual understanding. Many people think that most of the communication takes place on the linguistic level and only a small proportion on the non-verbal level.

It is just the opposite. The non-verbal signs are also about four times more effective than the verbal ones. We communicate constantly – even without words. However, we interpret very often when using body language. We only find out whether we interpret correctly or incorrectly when we experience our interpretation.

Possible contents

  • Body language – says more than a thousand words
  • The basic elements of non-verbal communication
  • Emotions are transported via body language
  • Controlling emotions
  • Perceive yourself better
  • How do I appear?
  • – The body does not lie – point out the dangers of interpretation.
  •  What can we do and gain confidence?


  • You are aware that you are constantly sending out non-verbal messages
  • You can classify body language better with yourself and others
  • Clear up misunderstandings, address interpretations and gain confidence

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