Customer orientation / sales & negotiation training

Customer orientation workshop 3: Perfect customer service on the phone

A smile is the shortest distance between two people and first impressions count! Telephone conversations that will be remembered. You make an impression within seconds with your choice of words, voice, and friendliness.

Lächeln ist die kürzeste Entfernung zwischen zwei Menschen.

You are the first impression of your company: your voice shapes the first impression with callers, and your behaviour is decisive whether and how they remember the company.

You know the basics of communication and the most important telephone standards with which you can maintain and improve the relationship with your customers in telephone contact.

Possible contents

  • Basics of communication for telephone and reception
  • The voice on the phone
  • Telephone standards from welcoming and transferring to the farewell
  • Customer-oriented conversation: the power of positive language
  • Save time by asking the right questions
  • Complaints are opportunities. The right way to deal with complaints
  • How do I deal with unfriendly and difficult customers?
  • How can I defend myself confidently and professionally when customers get cheeky?


  • You are familiar with the most important telephone standards
  • You formulate positively
  • You know how best to deal with different types of customers
  • You practice what you have learned in 1:1 situations on site and receive feedback

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