Leadership & team development

Leadership workshop 1: Beginner’s workshop for new managers – leadership basics (1 – 3 days)

Are you about to take on a management role or have you recently taken on a management position and would like to prepare yourself for it? Or you have a new management crew and would like to bring all managers to the same level of knowledge?

Being a role model, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different management styles, open communication & trust, being able to deal constructively with conflicts as well as employee motivation are just some of the focal points of this module.

Tell me and I will forget. Teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn.

Benjamin Franklin


You are confident in your leadership role and know the most important tasks of leadership. You awaken the willingness of your employees to perform and apply the instruments of leadership in everyday life.

Possible contents

  • The three pillars of leadership: setting an example, providing security, demanding, and promoting
  • Management principles: Foundation of leadership work and leadership culture.
  • The management tasks and the management control loop (setting goals, planning, deciding and delegating, realising, controlling and communicating)
  • Self-Knowledge & Self-Management with the DISC® personality profile
  • Know the importance of communication as an important element of leadership and relationship building with employees. (Tools: Information & communication, managing conflicts, giving & taking feedback, appraisal interview)


  • You know the most important requirements for leadership work
  • You learn to understand yourself and others better, thanks to the DISC® personality profile
  • You train employee interviews
  • We work with concrete situations from your everyday life

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