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Leadership workshop 5: Understanding, accompanying and supporting apprentices

I am not what I should be, I am not what I will be, but I am not what I was either. Young people are yet to find their place in society. In doing so, they will also need the support of those who are providing training. We shed light on the complex aspects of your role as a vocational trainer.

You will learn to set boundaries, to address and represent your own clear line and thus provide the necessary and valuable orientation in a not so easy time.

If you can’t explain it to a ten-year-old you probably did not understand it yourself.

Albert Einstein

Possible contents

  • Leading young people – opportunities and challenges
  • Using rules of the game as crash barriers
  • Good leadership & support – what does it take?
  • You are able to formulate position-fixing and feedback
  • You learn important aspects of communication with young people
  • You know how to conduct difficult conversations successfully
  • Discussion & practical examples from the daily environment


  • Support in your task as a vocational trainer
  • New ideas for leadership work with apprentices
  • You receive valuable impulses for your everyday work
  • Exchange of experience

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