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Leadership Workshop 6: Leading in turbulent times

Leadership is particularly required in crisis situations. Everything is upside down – right now – no stone is left standing on another. Nothing is the way it once was and perhaps never will be again. A cool head and warm heart are now required of managers.

To face the crisis, it is necessary to look at people – self-reflection and how the teams, the employees, react. How do we manage to make decisions in time-critical situations and not fall into shock? This course deals with these topics.

Possible contents

  • Self-reflection – experience your own strengths and weaknesses in stressful situations
  • My personal approach to stress
  • Time management – crucial in critical situations
  • Leadership role – what is important now?
  • Pilot or passenger? – how do I fulfil my leadership role?
  • Dealing with priorities
  • Making decisions in dynamic situations
  • Communication and clarity


  • Exchange of experience
  • Practical tips for my everyday work
  • Tips for dealing better with hectic situations

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