Leadership & team development

Management workshop 2: Coaching employees – discussing issues openly, fairly and reliably

As a manager and coach, you want to get your employees on the road to success with good questions and food for thought? With valuable instruments from the toolbox of a coach, you will be able to competently accompany and support your crew.

Successful teams – making them more successful.

Problem talking creates problems. Solution talking creates solutions.

Steve de Shazer


You help your employees to develop continuously and thus fulfil their management tasks more consistently. Coaching reflects an inner attitude and offers valuable opportunities for employee development.

Possible contents

  • Foundation: principles of conduct, guiding principles, management principles
  • Basics: What is coaching, how does it work, what are its benefits?
  • The requirements for successful individual coaching
  • Leading successful coaching sessions
  • How do I agree on concrete goals in the coaching interview?
  • Consistent focus on success and promotion of customer awareness
  • How can I use coaching as a management tool in my company, my department, my team?
  • Carrying out 1:1 situations (2-way talks)
  • Analysis of the discussions and feedback


  • You will conduct individual coaching sessions
  • You can agree on measurable objectives in individual coaching sessions
  • Receive feedback on personal impact
  • You gain more security for your everyday management work

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