Self-Management & Personality Development

Personal development course 6: Business etiquette – score points with good manners

Today, good manners are a prerequisite for surviving in everyday business life. Personality also plays a central role in today’s working world. Above all, employees who are in contact with customers should be able to master the elementary manners to underline their professional competence. In this way, they maintain a long-term and positive image. This also includes the right outfit for the business meeting.

They learn the most important rules. In this way you show that you are “socially acceptable” and, in addition to professional knowledge, also have the necessary social skills. You are familiar with the official introduction and greeting rules. You will have fun putting the small talk – small talk – into practice.

Possible contents

  • The first impression and its effect
  • Correct greeting – introducing – even in times of Corona
  • A perfect outfit is successful communication
  • Easy small talk
  • How to use your mobile phone
  • Positive language
  • Table manners and what should be observed
  • Stylish behaviour during the aperitif


  • Confident and competent appearance
  • Dressed correctly for every occasion
  • eloquent in business or small talk

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