Self-Management & Personality Development

Personality development course 4: Self-marketing: Win with your own strengths – make your performance visible

Do good and talk about it. Hiding the light under a bushel belongs to the past. You perform well and have many strengths. It is important to recognise them and make them visible to others.

How are others to know about them if you keep your strengths to yourself? What makes you special? Focus on your strengths and talk about them.

You will optimise your appearance and practise communicating with confidence. You learn how you appear to other. You will gain self-confidence and overcome your inhibitions about making your achievements visible.

Possible contents

  • The importance of body language and speech
  • Feedback on effect and external appearance
  • Know your strengths better
  • Present yourself positively and don’t hide your light under a bushel
  • Make your own performance visible & communicate
  • Dos and Don’ts for your self-marketing


  • You know your strengths
  • You get feedback on your impact
  • You will take with you many tips on how your performance can be better recognised

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