Self-Management & Personality Development

Self-management seminar 1: Work technique & time management (incl. e-mail management)

They analyse your work situation, find your time wasters and recognise your disruptive factors. On this basis, you will optimise your personal time management and work techniques.

You develop your personal strategies for optimised time management, set yourself concrete goals and plan change measures.

If you leave the use of time to coincidence, chaos reigns.

Victor Marie Hugo

Possible contents

  • Objectives and day organisation
  • Set priorities and gain time for more important objectives
  • Identify and reduce time wasters and disruptive factors
  • Setting limits in a positive way, saying no solution oriented at the right moment
  • More time to achieve the important goals
  • Tips for working with Outlook
  • Setting objectives and planning measures to optimise your own work situation
  • Important tips for dealing with e-mails. In particular: Time management in dealing with e-mails, systematically processing e-mails, filing e-mails.


  • Gain time for important goals
  • Identifying and reducing time robbers and disruptive factors
  • Reduce hectic and stress

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