Self-Management & Personality Development

Self-management seminar 7: Developing good solutions in a more relaxed way with the Plan B mindset

To remain calm and capable of acting in difficult situations – that is what we all want to do. Once you have activated the Plan B mindset, nothing can upset you so quickly. Especially in interaction with people, where customer-oriented solutions are also required ad hoc, it is important to keep a clear head and remain creative.

Possible contents

  • The importance of Servolution and good service in the digital world
  • Activate the personal Plan B mindset
  • Courage to develop creative solutions for themselves and their customers
  • Staying calm in challenging situations
  • Finding solutions under pressure
  • Struggle between positive and negative energy
  • Creating confidence
  • Self Management
  • Self-reflection


  • You receive an assessment and feedback on your personal Plan B mindset
  • You will train in various exercises to develop suitable solutions and alternatives in a confident and professional manner, even under pressure
  • You understand better how your attitude can help you to make yourself and others more satisfied.

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