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Customer orientation workshop 2: Go the extra mile – with “wow” effects you will exceed customer expectations that will are memorized

Today it is more and more important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Products and services are more and more similar, people can create a special competitive advantage, especially in industries that are easily interchangeable – this way they remain “special” in the memories of their clients.

You will get to know a simple, practice-oriented system with which you can analyse and optimise your personal customer relations. You are motivated to inspire your customers all over again every day. They are aware of where they can positively influence the customer relationship with success factors.

Possible contents

  • How does the customer relationship work?
  • What promises do you make to your customers, where? Who fulfils them?
  • What do you have to ensure to hold your promises on all channels?
  • Which customer-centred values and behaviours contribute to customer value and customer experience? How can I inspire my customers and bring a smile to their faces?
  • How do you generate customer satisfaction?
  • How can I manage excessive customer expectations?
  • Solution-oriented language


  • You will receive tips for the daily contact with your customers
  • You are aware of what leads to customer dissatisfaction and customer churn and what can be done about it
  • You will develop solutions to trigger customer enthusiasm in your company and continuously develop them further.

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