Communication training 10: How to conduct difficult conversations successfully / Non-violent communication according to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg

The “giraffe language” is an appreciative strategy according to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. It is suitable wherever communication is not running optimally – in the processing of complaints, in dealing with difficult customers and employees or on the telephone.

Possible contents

  • Important prerequisites for successful outcome of difficult talks
  • Which forms of communication block or are badly received in conversations
  • Presentation of the “giraffe language” after Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
  • How we can integrate this strategy into our daily lives
  • The method and practical application:
  • Observing without evaluating
  • Address feelings as an “I” message
  • Formulate needs in a solution-oriented manner
  • – Ask for what you like the other person to do or a wish


  • You can criticise or address unpleasant things without hurting
  • You can defend yourself professionally when topics are not presented objectively
  • You will gain more security through practical training

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