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Leadership workshop 4: Leadership with DISC® – understanding yourself and others better (DISC® personality profile)

DISC® Profiles are one of the most widely used personality self-analysis tools worldwide for people, especially in leadership, sales and negotiation processes. The use of DISC® Profiles benefits people all over the world.

You know your personality profile with preferences and stress factors when dealing with other profiles and behaviours. The ideal prerequisite for your management and communication tasks.

Possible contents

  • Basics of behaviour
  • Discuss the personal profile – better clarity about my strengths and where I can optimise my leadership and communication
  • Understanding your own behaviour better and understanding others better
  • Dealing and communicating more effectively with other people
  • Developing successful strategies for cooperation
  • Management and motivation strategies in dealing with the four basic strengths
  • Conflict behaviour of the different characters
  • draw up action plans for cooperation with others
  • Draw up action plans to achieve their own goals


  • You will receive an online questionnaire shortly before the training. The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete
  • Based on the survey, we create a computer-based, approx. 20-page expertise of possible strengths, development potential and stress factors, which is tailored to your personal needs. You will receive your personal evaluation on the day of the course.


  • You get to know your strengths in leadership and communication better
  • You know how to build better relationships with other people
  • DISC® provides very targeted support with personal reports, depending on what your task is

Sample Report

Comparison Report

between two or more people within the team

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