Self-Management & Personality Development

Personality development course 3: Free yourself from energy robbers

Energy thieves are omnipresent and appear in the most diverse forms. We know some of them well, we can handle them to a certain extent, others overwhelm us over and over again. However, they all rob us of energy, vitality and thus also the joy of life.

Energy robbers are feelings such as fear or guilt, but also friends, colleagues, life partners who make themselves known as whiners, know-it-alls, lamenters or tyrants.

We will discuss effective strategies for exposing the energy thieves and freeing yourself from them.

Possible contents

  • Who and what are energy thieves?
  • The different patterns of energy robbers
  • Dealing with them and suggestions for changes in behavour
  • Being allowed to say no, having to say no
  • Finding a way out of the role of victim and acting in a self-determined way
  • Developing solutions and practice real-life situations


  • Perceive more consciously – who or what robs me of energy
  • Improving the handling of energy thieves
  • Ideas for solutions and approaches for a better quality of life

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