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Self-management seminar 2: Using e-mails efficiently & writing customer-oriented e-mails (Part I and II)

Today, e-mails are a matter of course in everyday working life. But do we also use this medium professionally? Today, e-mail is the no. 1 communication medium. An employee spends an average of 1 to 2 hours a day on e-mails.

How do you deal with this efficiently and effectively? Is e-mail the right medium? How can we save ourselves from the flood of e-mails? These questions are becoming increasingly central. A remarkably high increase in productivity can be achieved with the correct handling of e-mail.

Keine Zeit gibt es nicht. Nur andere Prioritäten.

Michael A. Denck

Possible contents – Part 1

  • Work technology/time management in dealing with e-mail
  • Managing the flood of e-mails
  • Systematic processing of e-mails
  • Filing of e-mails
  • Writing recipient-oriented e-mails
  • Using e-mail as a medium correctly
  • Guidelines for the e-mail culture
  • Dos & Dont’s


  • More concentrated work, less distractions
  • Better differentiate the important from the unimportant
  • More serenity

Together we sharpen our eye for outdated idioms, negative wording and difficult messages. You replace the unnecessary with the useful and write in an understandable, friendly, and solution-oriented manner.

Possible contents – Part 2

  • Perceiving and using a variety of words
  • Fresh ideas for outdated phrases
  • Formulate positively
  • Respond to complaints in a relaxed and professional manner
  • We optimise your texts or practise based on given texts
  • Impulses for implementation in everyday life

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